We understand that the thought of allowing a stranger into your home can be daunting. To ensure your experience with us is rewarding and comfortable we have outlined our work process so you always know what to expect.

FREE Consultation & Preliminary Estimate

Your experience with OCC Construction begins with a free in-home consultation. To us this is the most critical and important step. Not only does it allow us to grasp the full scope of your vision of home, the consultation is where the relationship between client and contractor begins, and where trust and confidence in our abilities are built.

During this meeting we will discuss and define the overall scope, direction, and parameters of the proposed project to be bid. Our contractor will take any measurements and inspect all areas of importance that will be needed in drafting a preliminary estimate.

The preliminary estimate will be tailored to your specific project and provide you with an approximate cost. Please note that the cost for a construction project varies widely dependent on choice of material, square footage, permit requirements, and labor.

In-depth Estimate

[Fee varies depending on scope of project, $100 minimum]

It may sound simple, but our goal is to remodel or build your home exactly how you want it. While our preliminary estimate provides an approximate cost, we realize that for most homeowners more is needed. Thus, we encourage you to ask for our In-dept Estimate Service. The cost will vary depending on the scope of project discussed during your consultation.

With the In-depth Estimate, we develop a realistic estimate based on real-world costs, including everything you need to know to make an educated decision on which construction company will provide the best value for your dollar.

In addition, we refuse to undermine the quality of our workmanship by specifying or using low-grade materials. We’ve worked too hard to build up our company’s reputation – and you’re investing too much in your home – for us to cut corners. This approach means our bids may seem a little higher at first, but in the long run, you’ll find them to be far more accurate.

We take pride in our In-depth Estimate. They allow us to showcase our expertise and ability. Our goal is accuracy and completeness, thus it takes time and effort on behalf of our staff. The fee does not nearly cover our costs, but it shows us your commitment to changing your home, and your life. However, we value a client relationship and the full cost of the In-depth Estimate will be credited back to you upon the completion of the project as our way of saying thanks.

Proposal & Material Selections Meeting

One of the most unpleasant experiences in construction is high pressure, strong arm sales tactics to try to get you to sign a contract. You can rest assure that OCC Construction, Inc. strongly disagree with these practices.

We understand that making an improvement to your home can be a big investment. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make this decision as easy as possible. We would love to have you business but not at the expense of bad business practices.

Once you give us the green light on the estimate, it’s time to focus on the details. A core principal at OCC Construction is to do more with less through purposeful planning. The planning stage is where you will see our expertise shine through as we help you maximize resources and time while adhering to our commitment to quality.

Careful selection of materials makes all the difference to the uniqueness and value of your space. With so many decisions to make and so many options for each decision, owners are often overwhelmed and frustrated by the material selection process. Stress no more, the OCC team will be there to help you choose materials from suppliers that meet your standards and budget.

During this process, we will help you refine your vision, new ideas will surface, and early ones might be scratched. In the end, you will have a detailed proposal of the construction plan, timeline, and line item budget.


Our contracts can be summed up in three words, straightforward, itemized and precise. This guarantees that you will always know where your hard earned dollars are spent. Once a contract is agreed to and signed, the price does not change. The only exception is if a change order is issued for work not specified in the original contract agreement. OCC Construction believes in honoring our promise to our clients. Everything outlined in the scope of work in the final contract will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.


Once a contract is issued, you are given an approximate start date and a construction schedule that follows to the end of you project. Our crew will never abandon someone else’s project to start yours, and will never disappear from your project to go work on another.

What you can depend on:

  • Cleanliness and order on jobsite
  • Respectful staff working at your home
  • Dedication to your project from start to finish

Progress Reports

We understand that not everyone is familiar with what goes on at a construction jobsite and things may appear to be disorienting at first, but rest assure our team are well trained and qualified. To ensure that you are comfortable with this process, we have developed a system of regular progress reporting to keep you informed at every stage of the project.

OCC Home Ready

On the day of completion, we have what we call the OCC Home Ready Meeting.

This is often our favorite part because more than a walk through, it’s your first real chance of seeing your dream brought to life. We realize at this stage you are probably feeling relief that the project has reached an end and excitedly anticipating how you will use your new space.

At this meeting, your OCC contractor will reintroduce you to your home and perform a complete walk through of the project before the final clean-up. While we go through the wonderful changes, we will cover our warranty policy and answer any last questions.